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New work for harp, guitar, water and birdsong!

 I am thrilled to announce that on Saturday 1st December at Stanley Library, Girton College, Cambridge, Alan Thomas (guitar) and I will be premiering my latest commission, 'Aubade'. This is a fairly short, one movement piece which is both evocative and sincere, has recently been completed by my good friend and favourite composer, Thomas Hewitt Jones. Inspired by lines from a beautiful poem by Philip Larkin of the same name, it is a passionate work that is heightened in its emotion by the use of recorded birdsong - to evoke dawn - and live looped water swirling in a bowl which adds even greater fluidity to a central passage and gives the feeling of freshness and new life.

So anyway, please do pop along for only £6/£4 on the door, 7.30pm on Saturday 1st December 2012. I'll be performing on my 'green goddess' Salvi Echo - lovely electro-acoustic harp - and a Salvi Iris, kindly lent to me by Holywell Music Ltd, London. Lucky me!!!