Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog. I've started a new blog at blogger.com - the URL is:


It's Ellie's Wingate Blog

I am studying contemporary music a LOT this year, supported by the brilliant Wingate Scholarship that I am so proud to have been awarded earlier this year. Please do visit the new blog and 'follow' me to get the occasional update about my progress. I really value all your support and, if you're a harpist or a musician, you may pick up some good suggestions from me too!

I shall continue to add pages to this blog too, but it makes everything less confusing if I keep that one separate.

Anyway, i'm really looking forward to tomorrow's concert at Thurning church, Northamptonshire. It's not too far from me (20 miles) but I still really hope it doesn't snow - especially for the audience. Hopefully people will still come and at least there'll be some warming mulled wine and other refreshments.

More from me soon,