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Minor key chart for lever harps tuned in Eb major - DOWNLOAD


 Another FREE download for all you lever harpists out there, or your teachers!

Relatives are great, aren't they? I like to visit my relatives whenever I have a free weekend (sadly not often!) I wish I had more relatives living in exotic locations, so that I could visit them and get lovely holidays thrown in :) However, I shall have to be content with visiting the exotic RELATIVE MINORS of all my favourite major keys!

Every major key has a minor key that is related to it - that means that it shares the same Key Signature. However, you do have to remember that because every minor (or major) key has only a SEMI-tone between the leading-note (the 7th note of the scale) and the tonic (the 1st note of the scale), the leading-note has to be raised...this basically means an extra lever change for you all to remember.

Speaking of relations in exotic places,  I think that these 'harmonic' minors have a lovely exotic sound - enjoy changing those levers!

Thanks go to my son, Iñaky, for holding up a piece of card behind the harp for me, to make the pictures a little clearer.

Put this chart directly alongside the first chart I made, either in your folder or on your wall, so that you can see the minor key next to its relative major.

When you are changing your levers for your graded scales, I would still recommend changing the levers across the entire harp, even if you're only using one or two octaves. It helps to avoid errors and you get really quick at doing your lever changes. Plus, the different lever patterns look so pretty - you could even take your own photos of your harp in exotic keys!

Highly Strung x