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Lever harp (Eb) major key chart - DOWNLOAD



Add this item to your cart, fill in your email address (where the download link will be emailed to after 'purchase' - it's not a purchase, it's a FREEBIE!) a few details (they can be gobbledegook as it's a digital download and I don't need your address to send you it) and then wait for the email to come through with the link to the pdf file. Happy lever changing! Ellie will upload a MINOR KEY version very soon, for some rather mournful lever changing....but til then:

"Please help yourself to a copy of this handy guide to all the MAJOR keys you can play in on your lever harp, if it is tuned with all the levers down, in Eb major.

This is designed for beginners or those who may be returning to playing the lever harp after a break and need a quick reminder!

I hope it's useful. My son (age 8, grade 3 harp) is finding it really helpful.

Ellie Turner"