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Danse Macabre for 4 Pedal Harps - DOWNLOAD


Sheet music - five pdf downloads, score and 4 parts - for the theme tune to 'Jonathan Creek', or by its proper title 'Danse Macabre' by Saint-Saens, arranged by Eleanor Turner and performed by 4 Girls 4 Harps. It is the main theme only, lasts around 3 minutes and makes a great piece for advanced students, a dramatic concert opener or a zippy encore! It is for advanced players but could be taken at a slower tempo by less advanced harpists, or the ornaments could be left out.

STOP PRESS - January 2015 - due to new EU VAT regulations, if you are wishing to purchase (this doesn't apply to my freebies) any digital download from this shopify site, you will need to contact Eleanor first, by emailing her at  There are extremely complex new regulations in place since January 1st 2015 (ONLY FOR EU CUSTOMERS!) and until every detail of these has been mastered and dealt with by Eleanor, she and you (the consumer) need to have a simple, live, human transaction (phone, Skype or Facetime all equally valid) in order to remain outside of the new legislation, for ‘online courses consisting of pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDFs plus support from a live tutor’ are not covered by the new rules, but ‘online course consisting of pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDFs’ (i.e. WITHOUT a live aspect) are covered. So, if I offer you a very brief ‘live’ tutorial (phone, Skype or Facetime) as part of the package (at no extra cost to you) then VAT MOSS (an abbreviation for the new rules) doesn’t come into play and Eleanor is all legal, correct and a happy harpist-composer who has still managed to share something lovely with you!