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The Crown of Ariadne CD


 This brand new recording of the ingenious 'Crown of Ariadne' suite for harp and percussion (all executed by the harpist) made by Eleanor Turner shows off all the colours and timbres of R.M. Schafer's score, in glorious technicolour thanks to each percussion instrument being individually miked and expertly mixed by Alexander Van Ingen and Dave Rowell of SIX Music Productions, for Champs Hill Records.

Also on the CD are the premiere recordings of 'Sweet Blues' by Bernard Andres, 'Rokudan for harp' by Toshiro Mayuzumi and 'Reminiscences of Tranquillity' by Yinam Leef, as well as Dutch composer Ig Henneman's 'Tratti per arpa', first recorded by Godelieve Schrama.

This is a beautiful recording that shows the harp in its true light as an incredible solo instrument, ready to take the concert world by storm.